How the Great Depression Paved the Road for Hitler

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A. Plan of Investigation

The 1930s were a hard time for Germany. A year before the American stock exchange had crashed, leaving Germany in an economic depression. Who was going to help Germany get back on track? Adolf Hitler was. Hitler took charge; a majority of Germans needed help from the only party that promised change, so they could get out of this economic depression. In what ways did the Great Depression of Germany in 1929 help Hitler rise to power? This may have led to one of the most horrific genocides in world history. This investigation will discuss how the treaty of Versailles, Nazi storm troopers, and other aspects of the 1929 Depression contributed to Hitler’s rise to power.

B. Summary of Evidence

Treaty of Versailles
• “Germany had to accept responsibility for starting the war, and had to agree to pay for the cost of the damage (set at £6.6 billion in 1921).” (BBC: GCSE Bitesize “Treaty of Versailles” p.1)
• Germany was not allowed to negotiate the terms for the treaty. (BBC: GCSE Bitesize “Treaty of Versailles” p.1)
• Germany lost some of it land to Britain and France. (johndclare “The main points of the Treaty”)
Depression of 1929
• The poverty in Germany gave Hitler his opportunity to power. (The History Place 17)
• “Since the failed Beer Hall Putsch in 1923, Hitler had changed tactics and was for the most part playing by the rules of democracy.” (The History Place 17)
• Hitler was the only party promising change. (History Learning Site “Weimar Republic and the Great Depression”)

Nazi Storm Troopers

• “The Nazi party is the only political party permitted in Germany, a situation that will last until the military defeat of Germany in 1945.” (USHMM “The Nazi Terror Begins”)
• To establish Nazi control in Ger...

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...mans population helped him gain their support and rise to power. Since the German citizens’ were extremely poor and Hitler made several promises to improve their lives, it made their population support him. Therefore, answering the question.

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