How accurate is it to say that Lenin’s leadership was the reason for Bolshevik success in November 1917.

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To decide on Lenin’s importance, regarding Bolsheviks success in the November Revolution of 1917 we need to identify the factors that we can take into account. These include: Lenin’s April Thesis, His effective use of “Peace, Land, Bread” and his ability to convince the Bolshevik central committee for an immediate revolution. However over the course of the essay we will see that it’s not just Lenin’s leadership that was the reason for Bolshevik success, we also have the mistakes of the Provisional Government and its overall weakness.
By starting with Lenin’s April Thesis we can analyse its key points which structured around the idea of “No Support for the Provisional Government” from this it developed into a campaign to give all power to the soviets, or in reality the Bolsheviks. The April Thesis basically outlined the plan for the November revolution and essentially set the Bolsheviks onto a path that would put them into the best possible position to take power when the time came, The April Thesis essentially gives us an insight into the amount of planning that Lenin put into the seizure of power and without the April Thesis it’s possible that the Bolshevik party would not have such an established purpose. Relating this back to the question we see that Lenin effectively laid down a purpose for the Bolshevik party to follow and when the Bolshevik party seized power it acted as a manifesto until they could create a fully established one.
Now we have established the importance of the April Thesis we can now take into account the importance of “Peace, Land, Bread” which acted as a rallying call for the revolutionaries during the November Revolution, despite the importance that some historians give it we can In fact say that it was...

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...was alone, Lenin’s leadership that enabled the Bolsheviks to seize power in November 1917. On the other hand, if we consolidate the facts we have covered in the essay we can identify key points that were capitalised on by Lenin such as the weakness of the provisional government and using his influence to motivate the Bolshevik Central Committee, we cannot deny that these were some of the more crucial factors regarding the Bolshevik seizure of power and without them a November Revolution may not have happened. A result of that would be a legitimate leadership within Russia and the Bolsheviks would then be seen as the aggressors. Concluding this we can make the decision that it was not Lenin alone who was the reason for the success of the Bolshevik coup rather an overall period of instability within the Russian leadership and the Bolsheviks offered an alternative.

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