How Well I Knew My Individual Self

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I’ve always pondered about how well I personally knew my individual self. People constantly claim that they know themselves that they know who they are, but do they really. In high school I thought I had myself all figured out. I established that I was an Outgoing, Humor filled Team player who always brought new creative ideas to whatever table he was put at. After enrolling into GEL 101 a College and Life Success class. Here is where I found out that I only partially knew myself the other part was to be discovered through simple assignments that told us a lot about my personality strengths, my learning style, my mindset, my time management and organization skills. I made many new discoveries along with repeating results. Some I was surprised …show more content…

My result said I have a growing mindset. I do believe this was on point because I'm not one to be average i'm always finding ways to improve myself or my skills. I don’t think we as humans are either good at something or we’re not like a fixed mindset would say. I know that if we humans want to be good at something it's going to take work and with that work you can be good at something the with a little more work, one can be great at something. I feel like I truly developed my growth mindset through sports. As a kid I had no one really in my family who would sit there and teach me to play sports. No all it took was one day on the elementary school playground where I began to teach myself to play goalkeeper in a class soccer game, months went by I became better to the point where I even bought myself the equipment needed to play the position. Years later now in an official soccer team we won a championship where I was awarded the Most Valuable Goalkeeper in the league. All which started from me knowing I can learn something even If I wasn't good at It to begin with. I have my mindset to thank for that because I am a very universal person because of …show more content…

In order to reflect on chapter 5 which focused on time management. Week one through about week five I was doing great with time management and getting all my work done on time. This last week I became very close to a small group of friends and we started hangout all the time. I began to put assignments aside and I fell behind. I didn't turn in a couple assignments for the first time since starting the semester. So this assignment could not have been better timed because this week I made a Smart goal to evenly distribute time so that I can be social and get assignments done.It went great I created a small to do list of all my weekly assignments organized by due date and did 2 a day. I finished all my homework by wednesday of this week excluded GEL homework because I saved that for the weekend. My smart goal was a success because I kept my assignments on track all while maintaining a steady social life as well. I learned that all it takes is a little discipline to get things done. I will for sure make another list for the upcoming week. What also helped was a visual representation of my week. The chart I created really opened my eyes to what I spend my week doing. To tell you the truth I think I have a sleeping problem I sleep so much I personally don’t think it's healthy. All which I'm working on so that by the time second semester comes along I have a set plan to get me smoothly through the

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