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Time management is an important skill to develop. It is extremely important to have time management skills in college, but it is also an important skill in life. “Time is a valuable personal resource that if you gain control of you’ll have greater control of your life. It enables you to set and attain personal priorities and maintain a balance in life” (Thriving at Trident, Kendall Hunt Publishing Company, 2017). Ever since this course started I have improved in managing my schooling, work, and personal life. In chapter 2 section 2.3 of Thriving In Trident, I have found that the quote “a stitch in time saves you nine” makes a lot of sense. The quote means that planning ahead can save you a lot of time. Within this paragraph I have tried to…show more content…
Realizing how much time I lose during a full 24 hour day has made me open my eyes and focus more. It has also shown me why a major enemy of effective time management is Procrastination. (Thriving in Trident, Kendall Hunt Publishing Company, 2017) This strategy is the most important to me because you cannot attack the problem without knowing the origin of it. By implying the ABC listing strategy you are also using the analysis strategy. I will explain what the ABC strategy is in the following paragraph. The ABC listing strategy is also a significant strategy I use. The ABC listing strategy is a combination of both the itemizing and prioritizing strategies. “Itemizing is identifying and listing the tasks that we need to complete and when we need to complete them. Prioritizing is ranking our tasks in terms of their importance and attacking them in order of their importance.” (Thriving in Trident, Kendall Hunt Publishing Company, 2017 ) Each letter in the ABC listing strategy has a

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