How My Family Changed Over Family

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Growing up when I was young my family was always so connected and close. We always had the yearly family vacations and my parents every year would have their own trip. My family was the typical loving family, but like many other kids this changed with divorce. This divorce change me as a kid, as with many other kids, my parents’ divorce was ruff. I remember the day when my parents told me, I was 10 years old and it was a beautiful Sunday after church. There seemed to be this tight tension in the air though, so fragile it was like walking on glass. My parents unloaded us in to the house where they rapidly disappeared into their bedroom to only come out a couple minutes latter. This was the moment I knew something was wrong, they entered the room with sad dreary eyes looking at all of us as if someone had died. This was not the case though, my mom said “There something important we need to tell you guys”. Then she asked use to come to their bedroom. This is when the feeling of fear and anxiety rushed over me. As we sat on the bed my mom and dad looked up at us and gave my sibling and me the line I would never forget.” So some things are going to change, your dad and I are not…show more content…
No matter what there was always someone to support me. When I pissed off one family I could go to the other and ask them for advice on what to do. I always had double holidays and that meant I got two great dinners every holiday. There may be hard thing when it comes to being in a divorced family, but one thing I learned is that it’s up to you about how you’re going to have the situation affect you. Some might let it just be the end of everything and they might never grow out of the fighting stage. But I did and I promise that once you leaves that stage you can bring to light the good in your situation. In my case I gained two amazing families that without, I wouldn’t be the person I am

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