Family Change: The Good And Changing Changes In The Family

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Introduction There is no true definition in what makes the family. Constant changes happen since the society in which we live in is evolving at a constant rate. This evolvement that is taking place has changed the idea of an ideal family. Many years back family meant a married heterosexual couple with 1.5 kids. Truth is that this is not ideal for everyone. After challenging this ideal family structure it has been concluded that family forms and functions are different. Therefore this paper will address some changes in the family such as divorce, step parenting, and immigration, how these new changes play a significant role in family diversity. Change #1- Divorce Due to irreconcilable differences many couples end up getting a divorce. Divorce…show more content…
This second chances in live eventually lead to step parenting someone else’s children, or another adult parenting their children. Step parenting refers to an individual loving and caring for a child that has no biological ties with them. When a single person with kids decided to give love another changes, the other person accepts the package that the relationship may consist of. Step parenting is also a very controversial topic in which William Marsiglio explains the unspoken things in Overlooked Aspects of Step-Fathering. This article focuses on all the good and positive things that step fathers do for the children of the women they are with. It goes to explain that bonds, and attachment are form in a mutual way where these stepfathers treat and love the children as their own. Step parenting being a controversial topic, has been very hard to understand since in some cases the biological father is still in the picture. Usually one wants to look at an ideal family, before accepting the blended family that actually exists. Although the stepparents can be doing an amazing job raising the child, and being an active person in their life, all biological ties will be valued more. Step parenting being more common and acceptable in society, it is occurring more, in which broken families eventually become happy blended

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