My Parents Got A Divorce

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A lot of children tend to develop “normally” with two married parents. Others don’t develop the same. To me, children who go through divorce don’t develop normally. My parents are no longer together and I thought I turned out okay. I have social skills, friends, and a close relationship with both my parents. On the other hand, I believe some children or teenagers have a difficult time developing when going through the process of a divorce. It could lead to trust issues, make the kids feel alone, change the perspective on marriage, and affect the way they communicate.
My parents got a divorce when I was a sophomore in high school. The divorce took its toll on me. At the beginning, I started having trust issues. When you’re a kid you believe your parents are going to be together forever. I trusted the fact whole heartedly and witnessing my parents go through a divorce made me believe that no one could be trusted. I remember doing things my way because I couldn’t trust anyone to follow through with the task I gave them in group projects. In addition, I was afraid to talk about my parent’s divorce because no one in my circle of friends at school went through the same condition I did. My parent’s divorce led me to having trust issues and made it hard to confide in anyone.
I usually don’t feel alone. I had a great deal of friends and a large family. Still, I felt lonely and like my parents didn’t care. Whenever my brother and I visited our father, he would complain to us that my mom owes him a lot of money. He treated us like his messengers and not his children. Same goes for my mother. She was treating us like carriers and not like kids. My parents only care about themselves at the time. My feelings were never taken into consideration...

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...friends” then they would interpret my words differently and make me look like a bad person. Rumors were spread, arguments took place, and I lost those two friends because they couldn’t treat me right. I learned to not be friends with anyone who might spread rumors about me or that might be too easily offended. I found out that the popular kids can be mean sometimes. I was made fun of for my oversized sweater. The sweater used to belong to my older cousin whom I admired. I didn’t know why they thought it looked funny when I believed it was the best piece of clothing I ever owned. The popular group taught me to keep dressing the way I want. Then my attire could make the girl upset and I would be the one comfortable at school. Therefore, my peers taught me about life and myself. This group affected me because I learned to not fall under the norms and make my own trends.
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