The Effects Of Divorce On Children

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Children of divorce have a different experience during the holidays, birthdays, and other family events. The process of parental separation alone can pay a toll on a child’s psychological health. Family events may make things awkward around the parents, but that doesn’t even compare to the things children of divorce will have to deal with, even into their adult lives. Constance Matthienssen, author and mother of three, shares in her article “Harry Potter and Divorce Among the Muggles” how her divorce affected her children (“Harry Potter”). Many parents don’t think about a divorce will affect their young children as they grow older, but divorce affects children even into their adult lives. Children of divorce grow to develop negative relationships with their parents, they tend to have poor self-esteem, and they may even find themselves unable to maintain an intimate relationship in their adulthood. Divorce affects every child differently, but it can cause many social issues into their adult lives. Not having both parents in…show more content…
Many people have problems with accepting and loving themselves the way they are, especially children of divorce. To have the feeling of not being good enough can make accomplishing everyday tasks just that much harder. Dr. Amy J. L. Baker, researcher and coach in parental alienation, studied the different divorce related impacts on an adolescents’ adult life. Dr. Baker states that, “Because the participants [children of divorce] felt that the “bad” parent was part of them (genetically as well as through an early relationship) they felt that they must also be bad.” (293). Dr. Baker proved that children of divorce may start to believe that they are “bad” just by being biologically connected to the bad parent. That way of thinking can cause even the most cheerful and brilliant children, to grow up into a depressed and mentally frustrated
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