How Has Agriculture Technology Changed American Agriculture

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Agriculture is the biggest industry in the world and home to millions of job opportunities with all jobs leading us to one purpose. Making the world a better place. Over the years agriculture has become bigger, better, and more efficient. With the progression of agriculture technology the agriculture industry has became more improved. Agriculture technology has shaped the face of our country. From the cotton gin to drones agriculture has improved. In this research paper we will take a look at the progression of agriculture technology through the years, and how the progression of agriculture technology has improved American farming has shaped the United States of America. In the 1700’s Agriculture was very simple, but was a very long process of production. Most things were done by hand in the 1700’s. A man by the name of Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin and this invention would clean cotton much faster than the average man. This machine helped decrease the amount of slaves because the farmers would only have to have enough slaves to run the cotton through the machine (Moore). In March of 1794 the cotton gin was patented (Smith). At the start of the civil war 80% of the cotton was grown in the south on the southern plantations (Moore). …show more content…

In 1819 a plow with interchangeable parts was invented this would allow farmers to change parts on their plows and not have to go buy brand new equipment (Historical Timelines)., This saved time and money. Other technology improved farming too during the 1800’s. Inventions such as the Mccormick reaper and the John Deere plow helped change american farming. The Mccormick reaper was a machine that cut grass crops. This invention allowed the farmer to not have to do as much heavy work unlike when they cut the crop with a sickle or scythe. The John Deere plow was invented in Moline Illinois

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