The Discovery and Impact of Agriculture

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The discovery of agriculture has led to many profound changes in society. From its origin during the Neolithic era, to its evolution throughout modern society, agriculture has formed and shaped human society to what it is today. Without agriculture, society would still be a hunting and gathering community. However, because of the uncovering of agriculture, early humans were able to grow crops and domesticate animals. Moreover, farming has made a fundamental impact in today’s modern world. Early civilizations greatly utilized this new development by increasing their presence and influence throughout the world. Because agriculture evolved, the population increased, villages and towns emerged, and urban life developed during ancient society.
The origin of agriculture dates back to the Neolithic era. This era is often referred to as the “new stone age” because of the early stages of agriculture. Researchers believe that one of the factors leading to agriculture, or the cultivation of crops and domestication of animals, was the ice age. Before, the earth was cold and dry; it exp...

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