Horror Film Review: The Genre Of Horror

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The Genre of Horror Why are individuals drawn to things that scare them? Perhaps the adrenaline rush or even the sense of fearing the “unknown.” A good horror movie is usually full of suspense, where one is on the edge of their seat worried about what is going to happen next. Not all horror movies have to contain blood and gore, but they all have the same goal which is to be scary. Sometimes, the result of fear from the movie can cause the audience to dread leaving or may relieve them when it is over. Even though people realize that they are watching a movie, their brain reacts by believing that they are in the situation happening on the screen, which causes dismay and fright. Horror films have been around for over a century and have evolved into several different sub-genres: Comedy-Horror, Teen-Horror, Supernatural-Horror, and Slasher. The sub-genre of comedy-horror aims toward scaring its audience, while adding spoofs and the use of satire. A comedy horror allows the audience to laugh and see fear in a comical way, rather than a hesitant manner. This is usually due to the killer being clumsy or an unrealistic occurrence. The movie Scary movie (2000) is a great example of a comedy horror. It is based off other horror films, but in this case the psychopathic killer is not very smart or skillful. When people die it is more…show more content…
Each sub-genre has its own characteristics that will determine which genre it will fall under. One may not realize, but if there were not all the different sub-genres, people would be able to predict each movie they watched. Overall, horror movies strive to complete the goal that every scary movie should have: to scare people. Horror films seem to be more terrifying to their audiences if they are more realistic, where the audience can relate, such as childhood fears, being stalked, kidnapped, or
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