Compare And Contrast American And Horror Movies

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In both Japan and America, the film industry is a big industry. Part of that industry is the genre of horror. Movies like this include the themes of an evil entity usually killing people or causing havoc and the protagonists, which are represented as good. Many cultures have their own takes on horror movies. How they’re done and the themes that they believe are evil or that they’re scared of. Ultimately horror movies are dark and invoke fear. Japan and America are two good examples of how horror movies in different cultures can be different, similar and how they can influence each other. One aspect of American horror movies is the fact that everything is rationalized in the movies. There is a need in American culture to explain why things happen. This is also shown in the endings. Conflicts are always resolved at the end of movies and everything is explained because as the audience, we want to know that the conflict is over and we want all the unexplained details to be explained. The antagonists of horror movies are usually malicious monsters that are there to cause havoc. They may or may not have a grudge against a specific…show more content…
In horror movies there is always the antagonist. The evil spirit or monster that is attempting and sometimes succeeding in killing some of the characters off. There is always the good versus evil. There is a difference between how the good versus evil is depicted. American movies focus on the idea that the good and evil fight and that the good should defeat the evil. On the other hand, Japanese movies tend to focus on the balance of everything. There is always a reason that the ghost or monster is haunting/killing people in the movie. That reason is usually related to the ghost trying to bring back the balance that was lost with their death or with something that went wrong before or after their death. The spirits aren’t seen as enemies but as a thing that coexists with
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