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Horror & Comedy In society today, there are thousands of genres in the world that can be used in a plethora of ways. Probably the most common and most popular genres in this current generation are horror and comedy. These genres are found at the opposite end of the spectrum but it is not rare to see them side by side in movie theaters or even some libraries. Horror and comedy are known for their fictitious storylines along with some semblance of a lesson to be learned. Although in most cases lessons that are taught in horror films or novels are more likely to stick then in a comedy situation. Horror and comedy have been around for a long time from the black and white horror films to the silent comedy videos with Charley Chaplin. These genres are seamlessly ageless and do not seem to be leaving anytime soon. Both of these genres come in multiple of forms. Horror comes through Stephen King’s hundreds of classic novels to chilling blockbuster hits such as Friday the 13th. While comedy seeps into children’s books and movies like The Hangover. Both have storylines that unfortunately at times get repetitive and reused in every adaptation with horror…show more content…
In society today, many people favor both genres. However, in some cases there are some people that are horror junkies and do not care for comedy and on the other hand there are people that cannot handle horror themed situations and settle for comedy. There are many movies and some novels that take horror movies and make fun of them. These film makers or authors typically use comedy to make light of the horror films they chose to make fun of. On average these genres clash, but at the same time can complement each other. Since some people will watch a comedy after a horror films to calm themselves down or watch a comedy first to calm themselves and mentally prepare themselves for a good

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