Compare And Contrast Horror And Horror Movies

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Would you rather be horrified beyond repair or thrilled to the point of no return? In horror, the main purpose is to invoke fear and dread into the audience in the most unrealistic way. Horror movies involve supernatural entities such as ghosts, vampires, teleportation, and being completely immortal. As thriller films are grounded in realism and involve more suspense, mystery, and a sense of panic. Though both genres will frighten the audience, it will happen in two different ways. Whether the horror thrills or the thriller horrifies, a scare is always incorporated. Horror movies attempt to make the audience experience fear, dread, disgust or terror. The plots often involve the supernatural and fantasy world giving the audience the reassurance that what is being seen is not truly existing. Horror movie plots are often than not, predictable. Horror movies will show gruesome and graphic violence. Many times, this will include close up shots of horrifying deaths and relentless tortures in an attempt to compel an audience to express emotions such as disgust and fright. Also, the way horror movies are promoted and advertised is a difference. In trailers and movie covers the backgrounds are often red or a dark color as such. It suggests danger and advocates violence. A horror movie is scarier in that exact moment and…show more content…
In both, the feelings of dread and fear are experienced simultaneously. The goal for these films is to scare and thrill the audience. Horror can thrill and Thrillers can horrify. Another similarity is the dramatic context. Characters are confronted by some conflict and usually flee from the turbulent situation. In the end, the characters end up being forced to confront the conflict. Both genres contain some level of suspense and mystery. Overall, horror and thriller are two genres that are easily mistaken for each other because of the overlapping
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