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Adolph Hitler was responsible for World War II and the massacre of millions whom he thought to be inferior. He was also one of the most powerful and influential leaders of the 20th Century. Hitler single handedly built up his Nazi party into a massive power, which would eventually control most of Europe and North Africa. How is it, that a man of such evil had so much influence and control? We would like to think that never again will such tragedy occur. Never, would we let such a man into power. Yet, it happened in the 1930’s, only 70 years ago. What factors resulted in Hitler rising to power? Rather than one single reason, it was the perfect combination of luck and leadership, at just the right time.
In Austria, 1889, Klara and Alois became the proud parents of a baby boy – Adolph. As a young boy, he attended elementary school at the Benedictine monastery at Lambach. His early school years went well. Adolph earned good grades, became a choirboy, and anticipated one day becoming a Catholic priest. As he got older, he began getting into serious quarrels with his father. This fighting, he later claimed, caused his marks to slip. By the age of sixteen, he had quit school.
Once out of school, Adolph refused to find work or learn a trade. Rather, he spent his time going to the Opera, and reading. For hours on end, he would read books on German history and mythology. As a result of the reading, he soon found himself very concerned with the world’s tribulations. A school friend later recalled: “Hitler was always up against something and at odds with the world. I never saw him taking anything lightly.”
At the eager age of eighteen, Hitler had a new dream. He wanted to become an artist, as this was now his one true passion. The Vienna Academy of Fine Arts quickly turned him down after his entrance examination. This rejection would hurt him for his remaining life.
Another devastating event followed shortly after; the death of his beloved mother only four days prior to Christmas. Hitler later wrote: “It was a dreadful blow. I had honored my father, but my mother I had loved. Her death put a sudden end to all my high-flown plans. Poverty and hard reality compelled me to take a quick decision. I was faced with the problem of somehow making my own living.
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