Sebastion Haffner's Defying Hitler: How Did Hitler Rise To Power?

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How Did Hitler Rise to Power?
In Sebastion Haffner’s Defying Hitler, the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party is told through a firsthand experience. Through this first-hand experience, Haffner answers the question as to how the Nazis were able to rise and stay in power. The Nazi party was formed at the end of the First World War. The Nazis faced a lot of criticism for their beliefs and tactics in the early stages and were viewed as a nuisance and nothing more. Every party needs a great leader and they found that in Adolf Hitler. The Nazis were able to rise to power with the help of Hitler, after a humiliating defeat in World War I which created a German society in despair, Hitlers anti-semitic view and his violently enforced propaganda
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Everything that Hitler did from speeches to drives through town and even Hitler youth events everything was made to be dramatic. Hitler was very successful in making himself and the Nazi party look like they were above the rest of the people and the ones to lead Germany out of struggles and that all faith and pride should be given to him as he is the savior. The ways Hitler were able to gives speeches and, start off slow and yell passionately resonated with the German people and would captivate them. Hitler was a charming man who was able to inspire morale and give the people hope of Germany rising from the embarrassment of World War I. “You do not want to let yourself be morally corrupted by hate and suffering, you just want to remain good-natured, peaceful, amiable, and nice. But how to avoid hate and suffering if you are daily bombarded with things that cause them?” Hitler was able to lead such a campaign by starting off slowly and then building it to the level it got while right in front of everyone. . “There was not one single example of energetic defense, of courage or principle. There was only panic, flight and desertion” (p132). When Germany realized at what had happened it was already to late to stop it. Hitler had successfully brought the Nazis from nothing to a ruling
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