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The Holocaust is, without a doubt, the wost atrocity that this world has ever seen. According to the Jewish Virtual Library, just under six million Jews and over five million other "undesirables" were ruthlessly slaughtered by Nazi forces in Europe. We must learn about the history of humanity so that we can work to correct our mistakes. We must do everything we can to ensure that the worst events of the past do not get the chance to occur again. This event in particular was directly caused by Adolf Hitler, who was Germany's fuhrer, or leader, at the time. Adolf was born in 1889. His father was a fifty-two year old man in his third marriage, and his mother was a young, unknown, peasant girl. In his childhood, Adolf loathed his father, and truly loved his mother, and was shattered when she passed away when he was still fairly young. In his middle to late teen years, he traveled to Vienna, Italy, to look into getting a scholarship in the arts, particularly painting. However, despite his best efforts, he was rejected. Angry and frusturated, he stayed in Vienna to better his art skills. During his time in Vienna, he listened to many Catholics and other preachers, and became and avid preacher of antisemitism, or the discrimination of Jews. He had supported it for the better part of his life, and never particularly liked Jewish people. However, he mostly kept this to himself until he went to Vienna, where he became more outspoken and even further obsessed with antisemitism. After several more years in Vienna, he tried again for his arts scholarship, but was again rejected. It is said by some that this is a major contributor to what made him go "bad", per se, and that if he had been accepted, World War II may not have happened.. Either w... ... middle of paper ... ...ventually become known as the Holocaust. After "The Final Solution" went into effect, Jewish people began to attempt to go into hiding. Unfortunately, most did not manage to get out of the German Empire, and were killed by the Nazis or the Gestapo. In the end, more than eleven million people died. Hundreds of thousands more survived, but either died later of malnourishment or illness, and those that managed to make it through that often had PTSD or other paranoia issues. Now, we can better understand why we must always learn from our mistakes and about the Holocaust. There are many reasons why, such as the fact that mass genocide is never worth it. Look what happened to Hitler. However, all that aside, we must remember and learn from the terrible events from our past so that we do not repeat them in the future. If we do this, the world will become a better place.

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