High Blood Pressure: The Cause And Effects Of Hypertension

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Hypertension is a condition, where the force of blood pumping through body is high enough for it to cause internal damage. High blood pressure is determined by measuring the force of the blood against the blood in your arteries and the amount of resistance with the arteries. Blood pressure is measured by sphygmomanometer, this device measures the systolic and diastolic pressures in the arteries. The systolic is the top the number in blood pressure which should be around 120. While the diastolic is the bottom number is around 80. Hypertension affects your whole body in a variety of ways from the brain to the eyes. Hypertension is described to be a blood pressure reading of the systolic above or at 140 and the diastolic being at or above 90. It is estimated that around 970 million people have high blood pressure, The World Health Organization predicts that around 1.56 billion people will be affected by this disease by 2025. That is very large percentage of our world population. There many things that can lead to a person having…show more content…
The hard part about this disease is that there is usually no symptoms, which is way it is called the silent killer. The signs that you could have a blood pressure problem are more than normal nose bleeds, headaches, and dizzy spells are common precursors. These signs however don’t show up till the person’s blood pressure is at dangerous levels. This is way you should check your blood pressure regularly. One of first systems that can be affected by high blood pressure is your cardiovascular system. Arteries are easily damaged by high blood pressure. This is due to the cells of the artery becoming damaged causing a cascade of events throughout the body. This is a disease called arteriosclerosis. Over time this can also hypertension can cause an aneurysm in the body. This is when a part of the arterial wall weakens and bugles out, which can cause internal bleeding anywhere in the

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