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Hertz Facts
The largest car rental company in the USA, Hertz is in fact a worldwide brand offering its services in 150 countries. Based in Fort Myers in South West Florida, it offers job opportunities throughout the USA as well as abroad. Many of the overseas operations are franchises but within the USA there are 3,200 staffed locations.
Hertz is the first name that anyone will think of when wanting to rent a vehicle whether it is a luxury Cadillac or standard saloon. There are approximately 500,000 vehicles available for rental in the USA alone. Conscious of the need to be a business leader in every facet of life, Hertz now has ‘’green’’ and electric cars.
As a responsible employer, Hertz invests a great deal of time in its employees and ensures there is a clear route to career progression as well as competitive remuneration packages with excellent benefits. Hertz careers
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As an example when a trainee Branch Manager is appointed, he or she can expect the following:
· Medical, Vision and Dental Insurance
· Life Insurance
· Reimbursement of tuition fees
· A holiday package of up to 4 weeks annually. The entitlement varies with the employee’s employment status.
· 401(k) retirement plan
· Employee Discounts and Stock Purchase Plans
Advantages of Working at Hertz
There are several reasons why a job with Hertz is to be highly valued.
· There is increased security in working for such a large
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