Differentiation Strategies Used by BMW

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In the modern world of conducting business, any company that wishes to succeed must differentiate its products or services from others in the industry. Differentiation makes it possible for consumers to point out notable differences between one company’s products as compared to those of competitors. Differentiation helps companies build brand loyalty as the uniqueness keeps customers fixed on a particular product. BMW is one of the most popular automakers in the world today. It definitely uses differentiation as a strategy to beat off competition by building products that are innovative, detailed and incomparable to those of competitors. One of the differentiation strategies used by BMW is the creation of auto products that consumers can emotionally relate to. In building the BMW brand, the company has succeeded in positioning its products as prestigious or luxurious. Therefore, most consumers want to own a BMW car solely for the prestige it gives them. BMW products are not only purchased due to their usability or functionality but for the status they give the owner. Subsequently, when a person buys a BMW product, they are emotionally attached not just to the car but to the brand as a whole. This has created increased brand loyalty in BMW growing its customer base as more people search for the status associated with the company’s products. Another strategy used by BMW to differentiate itself from other automakers in the market is the proactive usage of technology and innovativeness in the development of products. From the early 1990’s, BMW has been on the forefront of incorporating technology in its designs in line with the technological advances of the modern world. This has led to the creation of inventive products. The uniqueness of these auto products put BMW in a position of advantage. The development of the hydrogen car as early as 2000 was an indicator of the company’s innovative strategy. In addition, the company also presents itself as environment friendly creating a whole range of vehicles in this category. This is a differentiation strategy meant to boost the company’s image and reputation amongst customers. In addition, this gives the environment conscious customers a variety of products to choose from giving BMW an upper hand in the industry. Another important differentiation strategy that BMW has incorporated is the establishment of links between the customers and the company. Over the years, the company has created a servicing segment that ensures that contact between the company and the customer continues even after the initial vehicle purchase.
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