Health And Social Care Level 3 Unit 1 D1

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It is important for children to have opportunities to play as It helps then to develop and get to understand more about themselves and peers and each other’s likes and dislikes and can communicate with each-other and develop their social skills. Children will also be able to learn how to communicate with their main carers and understand more about the physical world and different textures. It's important to create a space for the child to play as all children feel curiosity and have a need to explore different things.
Children's development is supported by different types of play and “From age’s three to five, children learn through play by pretending with materials and practicing language.” As children are practicing their language …show more content…

Children will learn these different care routines by watching the main care givers or siblings complete the tasks. When children are practicing tasks such as feeding themselves they are practicing using their motor skills.
One self-help task is feeding themselves. Adult’s help children learn to feed themselves by giving them small finger foods at first to then start slowing them to use a fork and spoon. Within my nursery setting we help feed the babies that don't feed themselves but encourage them to hold the spoof so they get an understanding of what they have to do and if a child can do it by themselves then we give them a fork and allow them to do it on their own. Adults should use encouraging words to try and get them to eat and praise them after they have finished. Also adults should make sure they have cleaned up properly after the child has finished and they can even get the children to join in with that so the children understand and learn that they need to wipe/wash their hands once

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