Hcr 220 Week 9 Final Paper

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Under the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act of 1998 (EMTALA), health providers by law are supposed to follow the federal guidelines and the EMTALA when you work in an emergency medical care at certain hospitals (facilities that participate in Medicare-includes 98% of hospitals in the United States (U.S.)). This also means that any part of the hospital that can perform an evaluation and treatment of EMC is considered an ED., for example, a women's hospital that delivers babies is subject to EMTALA. As a health care professional under this law, you have to make sure that every person entering a hospital in need or requesting receives a medical screening examination (MSE), and an emergency medical condition (EMC) evaluation to determine…show more content…
The responsibility of the health care provider is to make sure the patient is stabilized if they have an EMC and determine if the hospital has the all of the appropriate capabilities to provide medical care for the patient's diagnosis. If the hospital does not then it is the hospital's responsibility to transfer the patient to the appropriate hospital that has the specialized services. If the hospital that I work for does not have a burn unit, then I need to know ahead of time what hospital do, so that I can make sure to send the patient to the appropriate hospital. The hospitals that have the appropriate specialization are required by this law to accept the transfer. Therefore, it is also my duty to know what specialties the hospital I work for has and understand that we have to accept a transfer patient. You are also not allowed to slow down the screening process, for example, requiring and gathering insurance information. You can get demographics and basic insurance information, but delays like authorization or calling the insurance company for verification or preauthorization for scans or test is considered a delay. Under this Law, it is my duty to make sure that any individual, with or without Medicare, any individual exhibiting the
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