Hrm 531 Week 9 Final Paper

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1. In what way do organization charts create a picture of an organization? An organization chart is a diagram that represents the positions and relationship within an organization. 2. What determines the degrees of specialization within an organization? The chain of command is the line of authority that extends from the highest to the lowest levels of the organization. 3. Describes how job rotation can be used to combat the problems caused by job specialization? Job rotation keeps workers interested in their jobs. They developed new skills and, they help identify any new roles that they would like to take up in the future. 4. Why do most firms employ a combination of departmentalization bases? Departmentalization base is the big plan by which jobs are grouped into facts few organization show only one departmentalization base. The most common bases are function, product, location, and customer. The decision to use many bases is usually based on the specific needs of the corporation and on the strong…show more content…
What three steps are involved in delegation? Explain each. Assigning responsibility, the duty to perform an assigned task. Granting authority, the power to make the decisions that are necessary to complete the task. Creating accountability, the obligation that employees have for the successful completion of a task. 6. How does a firm’s top management influence its degree of centralization? Top management decides the degree of centralization by picking and choosing who will be focus more on who they want to push to get the job done. If they focus more on the lower crew members, while centralizing will have them focused on the upper brass of the corporate company. 7. How is organization height related to the scan of management? Organization height is related to the span of management because if an organization height is tall than the span of management is narrow, and if the organizations height is flat, then the management is wide. Both are directly
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