Happiness And Happiness: The Power Of Happiness

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What is happiness? Marketing and media have brainwashed people’s brains into believing that happiness means to have material possessions such as cars, big houses, or brand new devices. Unfortunately, this overstated fable is far from real. In fact, most people misunderstand that happiness is a choice that lies inside them. Happiness depends on the decisions of oneself. That is to say that everyone is capable of adopting a happy life with willingness and little effort. It is important to realize that true happiness is a positive attitude, a healthy life, and meaning in life.
The power of a positive attitude brings happiness to people 's lives if they know how to manage their emotions. Once people let their positive emotions grow, they will achieve a positive attitude. Nonetheless, do not confuse positive thinking with a positive attitude. In this case, positive attitude means clear thinking as
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Hanson in the article titled, “How to Build a Happier Brain.” However, people might argue that positive thinking is the key to success. Although this may be true, positive thinking is just verbal or for the moment; it actually does not count as true happiness. To illustrate, Dr. Hanson explains that positive thinking might be helpful, but is does not have a valuable impact on how people feel or react over a normal day. He declares that people who limit themselves to only think positively might look happy on the outside, but deep down they are angry, sad, or lonely. That is to say, they lack a way of seeing things clearly. Clear thinking is one of the most important happiness’ factors. Clear thinking means learning from negative experiences and enhance positive experiences asserts Dr. Hanson. In other words, clear thinking comprises the whole picture, both negative and positive aspects. Nevertheless, happiness could be tough to achieve, especially when people are immersed in a negative world. For instance, bad
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