Gun Control Case Study

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Gun Control is Far From Being the Solution to School Shootings In recent years the school shooting activity shows alarming rates. As reported by Duplechain and Morris (2014), more than 350 documented school shootings happened from 1760 until 2014, from those 190 happened from 1990-2014 alone. The numbers are staggering and even more staggering is to find out some of the details of those shootings. School shootings perpetrated by underage people even a student from the school that completed their killing rampage committing suicide. Although, it might seem that the problem comes from the accessibility to guns people could have, the reality is different. In most cases mental instability can play as a key element, while bullying and media coverage can also act as important factors. This paper will explore some of reasons behind school shooters from the past, and it will demonstrate how accessibility to guns had nothing to do with the outcome of their behavior, by responding to the following questions. 1. How mental instability plays an important role in the…show more content…
Adding more controls will limit or even take away the rights given by the Constitution of United States to law abiding citizens. Thomas Jefferson stated “No freeman shall be debarred the use of arms,” U.S. citizens have the long tradition of possessing firearms, it is not a trend, it is not a new things, the basis of U.S. as a constitutional nation is built upon the given right of guns possession of the law abiding. Gun control advocates insist in the idea of adding more regulation, their motto is the rate of mortality by means of firearms for example suicides and accidental shootings. Alters (2009) asserted by stating “[p]eople who use guns to commit suicide may also commit this act in other ways. Just like criminal shootings, guns are available to anyone by legal means or illegal
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