Holocaust Shadows: Elsa's Struggle Amidst Tragedy

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1942 was the year everything went downhill. To Elsa, the Holocaust was hard as is with Ralf being a Nazi soldier, but Bruno’s death made it a great deal harder for her. Shirley originally grew up with Elsa in a small town called Bayreuth. However, when the holocaust came into play, she decided to move to the U.S., where she felt it would be better there. When she heard about Bruno’s death, she decided to come back to Germany, but to where Elsa moved to. Her worst fear was Gretel. She had grown to be stranger than usual. Gretel acted like she despised Shirley and wanted to kill her. Her worst fear was that if Gretel killed anyone including Shirley, that Gretel wouldn’t be found by the police, and wouldn’t be charged. Back in Cochem, everything …show more content…

“Everything is about Bruno now, I don’t matter to Mom anymore. All she cares about is killing herself, and once she really goes through with it, I am most definitely not going to stop her. When Dad shot himself in his office, she left his corpse there for days. She didn’t care, she acts like I’m not even alive anymore.” “Maybe I should refer you to my therapist,” Shirley said. Gretel's frown turned into a glare. She got up off the floor and walked slowly to Shirley and pushed her out of her room, followed by slamming the door on her. All Shirley could do was go downstairs, since Gretel currently didn’t want anything to do with her. She thought, maybe I should get her a therapist, it might ease the situation a bit. She quickly grabbed the phone and started calling her hometown therapist. The next day, Shirley found Elsa sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper. “Feeling better?” Shirley asked. “A little bit; did you bring your gun with you here?” Elsa asked. “Yes. It’s in my bag. Why?” Shirley replied. “No reason,” Elsa said with a smirk. Elsa quickly ran up to the room where Shirley was staying. She then went into Gretel’s room to grab her, and then came downstairs, with her left hand behind her back. “What do you want?” Gretel …show more content…

She placed the gun that was behind her back to her head, and slowly pulled the trigger. A spurt of blood showered the floor as she fell to the ground. Gretel smirked as she walked over to her mom’s corpse. She picked up the gun in the middle of the pool of blood and raised it at Shirley. “I’ve wanted to get rid of you for a while, but you went to the U.S., and now that Mom is gone and you are here, now I finally can.” Gretel said. She pulled the trigger and watched as Shirley fell to the floor. She placed the gun in her hand, making it look like a suicide. A few weeks later, Gretel was found by police, asking why she was alone. Since the bodies had already been found and they found fingerprints on the gun, they were looking for matching DNA. When they tested her, to find out who her parents were, she was arrested for a double homicide, seeing as they found her mother was shot with the same gun and her prints were all over it. She was then arrested and sent to court where the trial was held. She pleaded innocent, but was eventually found guilty. Gretel was furious and lunged at her lawyer. She was then chased by police, and eventually caught and sent back to court to add to her list of

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