Creative Writing: Hazel Island

analytical Essay
581 words
581 words

“Why are you obsessing over it so much?! He’s dead to us and to this city! Going beyond the city limits is certain death. God knows what’s out there, just waiting to kill you.” “As long as he lives, I will never truly be alive.” That night, after curfew, Hazel roamed beyond the border of the new city of Oculus. As she climbed down its wall, she glanced over the city’s motto: “LIGHT TO ALL.” Reinforced by these words, she ran out into the dark night sky of the farlands. Many hours later, Hazel came face to face with President Richard at last. She looked at him with cold eyes and fury in her heart. “The tables really have turned, haven't they, president?” Hazel sneered. She looked at President Richard on the floor, looking pathetic as he lay there …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that god knows what’s out there, just waiting to kill you.
  • Narrates how hazel roamed beyond the border of the new city of oculus. she glanced over the city's motto: "light to all" and ran out into the dark night sky.
  • Analyzes president richard's heartless words as if it was his first day in office.
  • Narrates how david and hazel were co-elected by the city of oculus to lead their new and hopeful city.

And your parents were anomalies. They didn't fit in our society,” President Richard said passionately, as if it was his first day in office. “You can't have a perfect society. It's impossible to turn people into numbers!” Hazel replied. “Like I said, Hazel, your parents were different,” President Richard argued. “They didn't belong in our society! Can't you see? They are inferior to others! The city had perfect order! All other hazel eyed people are ruining our order, and that includes you, Hazel. You and your kind will never be accepted.” President Richard's face was turning bright red with fury as his heartless words spilled out of his mouth. “Look where your efforts brought you,” said Hazel, looking at him with disgust. And with that, Hazel, with trembling hands, pulled out her gun. David had given it to her for safety, but she hadn't used it. That had quickly changed as the man who was the root of all inequality kneeled beneath her with hate filled eyes. Hazel pulled the gun and aimed it at President Richards head. She trembled as she stared at him with fury, and at the last moment, she moved the gun slightly down and to the left. The bullet went clean through President Richards

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