A Good Woman is Hard to Find

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A Good Woman is Hard To Find

In the story "A Good Man is Hard to Find" the grandmother displays several qualities that make her a villain. Throughout the story the author Flannery O'Connor gives details of the grandmother's imperfections. O'Connor describes many different aspects of the lifestyle that this family lives portrayed by the life of the wicked grandmother, giving numerous examples of her bad character. In the story the grandmother clearly states that she does not want to go to Florida, but to East Tennessee where her other family lives. Also, she mentions that they might run into the Misfit who has escaped from the Federal Penitentiary, headed towards Florida. Once again the grandmother shows that she is evil, by the fact that she does not so much as to flinch while the rest of her family is being brutally murdered in the woods right by her.

As earlier mentioned the grandmother is very adamant about not going to Florida where the rest of her family has chosen to take a vacation. Instead she wishes to go to East Tennessee where she can visit with her connections, as she calls them. This woman is very selfish and does not agree with the plans that her son has made for their relaxing getaway. When her grandson tells her that she should say home if she does not want to go to Florida, the witty granddaughter named June Star replies, " `She wouldn't stay home to be queen for a day' " (385). This shows that the grandmother always has to put her two cents into everything.

In addition to the grandmother's idea of running into the Misfit, who has escaped from the penitentiary she states, " `I wouldn't take my children in any direction with a criminal like that aloose in it. ...

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..., is asked to take the mother and June Star to the woods. This is followed by a scream and more pistol shots. Not even flinching at the gun shot sounds the grandmother screams that he has good blood. The Misfit quickly ends the grandmother's life with three shots in her chest.

In conclusion, the grandmother, who is extremely selfish, does not show any kind of remorse for the loss of her family. She might have known what was going to happen, considering the fact that she did not want to go to Florida in fear of possibly meeting with the escaped criminal. Since she was so hard headed she brought her family into the wrath of this murder. The story, "A Good Man is Hard to Find", makes clear the corrupt character of the grandmother. It also proves the fact that she was unconcerned with the loss of her family, making her more the true villain than ever.
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