Greenhouse Gass: Causes And Effects Of Climate Change

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Climate change is a growing issue with the rise in industrial, commercial, and personal usage of energy. The burning of such things such as oil, coal and natural gases create toxic pollutants called “greenhouse gases.” The largest and most prevalent of greenhouse gases is carbon dioxide. (Overview of Greenhouse Gases). The wasteful history humanity has exhibited is deadly to the progression of our Earth. There are many things humanity can do in order to delay the inevitable warming of our planet and to prevent human-generated effects. Knowledge on the subject can significantly increase the awareness and subsequently improve the outcome of a global effort put forth by society. All that needs to be done, is to recognize our impact and how we can make a difference. One of the main causes of climate change is the massive amounts of greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide that is being released into the air. This causes pollution in the air and, subsequently warms the Earth. By the end of the century, Earth is expected to raise about 2 degrees (Adams). The implications of a global pollution are potentially disastrous; industrialized cities and cities with high traffic are set for massive negative…show more content…
There are many efforts to reverse the effects we accelerated; countries around the world are supporting green change and aim to ultimately benefit the existence of humanity. Greener transportation, greener disposal of objects, and a greener mindset and understanding of waste. The wasteful habits we exhibit today are not conducive to the progression of our world as a “healthy” planet. Individuals have the opportunity to help out and do the right thing, they have the tools to do it; facilities and resources surround us on a daily basis. We need to recognize it. By realizing the effect we can have on the world, we can make a
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