The Greenhouse Effect On The Earth: The Causes And Effects Of Global Warming

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Many of the scientists believe that earth is getting hotter, and the average temperature of earth is increasing each year due to the excessive burning of fuels on earth. The idea that the earth’s temperature is increasing is called global warming, and humans are the main cause of it. In spite of this theory, many believe that there is no global warming because the surface temperature has not increased steadily, but documents and researches show that global warming is real, and it is endangering lives of the animals on the earth.
To truly understand the global warming, and how it effects the earth, knowing what is the greenhouse effect, and what it does needs to be discussed first. The greenhouse effect is one of the main reasons that the earth is the perfect place to live on. Basically, the reason that animals live on earth is not just because the earth is in perfect distance from the earth, but “Our moderate temperatures are also the result of having just the right kind of atmosphere” (“The Greenhouse Effect”). As a matter of fact, the earth’s atmosphere is like a perfect blanket that keeps the temperature perfect on the surface of the earth (“The Greenhouse Effect”). This perfect blanket that keep the temperature cool on the earth are
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They believe that the temperature of earth has been stabilized over the last quarter century (Bethell). They also believe that if even humans made carbon dioxide it is still an essential substance in human lives (Bethell). Basically, plants need carbon dioxide to grow, and more carbon dioxide means more trees, so it helps the nature (Bethell). There is also an argument that suggests if global warming is real then “atmospheric as well as surface temperatures should have increased steadily”, but this is not happening

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