Green Supply Chain from Factory to Consumer

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The supply chain includes all the processes starting from the factory of production till it reaches the consumer. The Green supply chain is a sustainable version of the traditional supply chain with some changes. The pressure from different stake holders such as regulator, supplier and strategic obligations has leaded the companies to follow the green supply chain strategy. The advantage of Green supply chain for the company is to reduce cost of resources used such as energy. The other environmental factors such as environmental detoriation, decrease in the raw materials being used and increase in the pollution level has forced the organizations to look for ways other than the traditional supply chain. The following diagram shows how the Green supply chain is integrated with tangible outcomes, intangible value drivers and stake holder interests. The Green supply chain management concept is basically the integration of traditional supply chain management concept and the Environmental factor. Lamming and Hampson integrated these two concepts to come out with the Green supply chain management concept. According to Green et al. The green supply chain is “The way in which innovation in supply chain management and purchasing may be considered in the context of environment”. Green supply chain best practices: • Alignment of green supply chain goals with business goals: From the starting itself Green supply chain goals should be combined with business goals which in turn will help the organization to have a vision about how to spend the money and plan for it in advance. This will in turn help the organization to attain goals such as ecofriendly packaging, establishing the guidelines so as to decrease the energy consumpti... ... middle of paper ... ...and sustainable supply chain are the steps taken by the small and medium enterprises of the country as this leads to the effectiveness of the process. Looking and comparing the past data with the current we can reach to the conclusion that though the pace of implementing green strategies in manufacturing and supply chain is slow in developing countries but we have achieved certain mile stones in this. We need to take proper steps so as to decrease the cost and make the sustainable practices more effective. References:
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