Supply Chain Management Of Woolworths

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Supply Chain Management Supply chain management is basically refers to the fundamental supply chain analysis of the organization which predominantly describes functionalities from source to the delivery point. In this process of delivery, supply chain management framework divides in four categories: In Planning the products and suppliers evaluated and selected, Sourcing pull the information process including contracting, ordering and expediting, Moving is a physical process from suppliers to end user and Paying is the financial process including payment and performance measurement. Woolworths is one of the biggest retail group in Australia. Its motto is to provide fresh food to customer with in an affordable price. The company procures goods from the manufactures and also produces few products from their manufacturing plant. With its corporate office in Sydney it operates all the distribution channels, petrol sites and support centres. It has a trusted food, liquor and general merchandise brands. The methodology of Woolworths supply chain management is to develop the optimum product flow across their products and goods in regards to quality, cost, inventory and strategies. It is completely a fair procurement and logistics to provide customer satisfaction in terms of needs. Woolworths has distribution centres in different geographical places in Australia. Products manufactured from different suppliers driven into distribution centre in the specified state or province. According to the ordering data, these products are assembled and distributed from distribution centres and moved forward to the prescribed retail stores. Woolworths also prod... ... middle of paper ... ...pts which Woolworths align into are: Listening, acting and learning. Employees interacting with customers gives immense knowledge on what they need, what they think about the stores, maintenance and customer service. Considering the feedback of the customers and start enact to those feedbacks (i.e) acting to their needs. Learning things from customers, help Woolworths in drastic changes in terms of functionalities and progress. For instance, customers always bought the coloured stationary, by changing this concept Woolworths had vastly improved the layout of the category of customers. Order winning criteria enables the company’s products to gain an advantage over their competitors in customers view. Winning orders through the price, delivery, Customer service, flexibility and quality.

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