Nestle Supply Chain Case Study

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Introduction Sustainability of the supply chain has increasingly become a crucial aspect of corporate responsibility. Apart from being good for business, management of social, economic, and environmental effects of supply chain remains the right thing to do. Constantly changing markets have created complex landscapes that businesses must navigate to build sustainable supply chains. Sustainable supply chains aim at creating social, economic, and environmental value for all stakeholders throughout the supply chain. Building sustainable supply chains not only benefits the stakeholders but also aims at safeguarding business interests. Businesses can easily become sustainable by understanding who they are and working closely with people. Nestle is company that has been at the forefront in advocating for sustainable supply through the ‘creating shared value’ platform. The report makes recommendation on the role of supply chain management in attaining sustainability.
Nestle Sustainability Efforts Nestle recognizes its position as a global leader in food and beverage company and the unique role it
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A working relationship with suppliers to build a supply chain that is sustainable can help the company cut cost, create new sources of revenues, better manage business risks, and build the value of their brand. Through efforts, such as improved energy efficiency and streamlined supply chain logistics, Nestle can considerable reduce it cost thus increase profitability in the future. It is also recommended that Nestle should incorporate bottom line sustainability issues into its corporate risk management as this would work towards reducing risk. Show casing innovative solutions to negative impacts of the supply chain operations can work towards brand value. Therefore, sustainable supply chains can reinforce Nestle’s commitment to remaining profitable for the benefit of the company’s
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