Great Smoky Mountains Family Vacation

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Family vacations create memories that are cherished for a lifetime. When planning this unforgettable experience, families are presented with multiple destinations to choose from. I personally believe the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a perfect family vacation for families of all ages. The Smoky Mountains provide a sense of adventure, a welcoming, atmosphere, and interests for people of all ages. The Great Smoky Mountain National Park, located on the border of North Carolina and Tennessee, is America’s most visited national park (Great, par.1, 2017). THe park offers a range of things to do. Visitors can go for a hike, take a camping trip, take an auto-tour, view wildlife, go horseback riding, go fishing, go water rafting, or visit historical buildings. The most popular auto-tour of …show more content…

The park entry is free, and provides days full of activities to do. Visitors have the option to camp in the park for about fifteen dollars a night (Frontcountry, par.4, 2017). Campers can use an R.V. to go primitive camping in tents. In addition to renting a camp spot, the Park also offers bicycle rentals. Tourists can visit the visitors centers in the Park, where they can purchase trail guides, keepsakes, and hiking gear. On top of visiting the Visitor Centers, the park has a modern day store and an old, abandoned town located throughout the park. The store can be found in Cade’s Cove next to an old mill, where visitors can purchase freshly made corn mill. The store offers keepsakes and products very similar to the ones found in the visitor’s center. The abandoned town, however, is found on Cucumber Gap Loop near Elkmont. The town consists of numerous old homes that visitors go can go inside and view. After viewing the town, visitors have the option to hike the Cucumber Gap Loop (Cucumber, par. 7, 2017). It is impossible to see everything in the park in one day, so the park offers days of fun to have at a extremely low

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