Great Smoky Mountains National Park Essays

  • Why Is The Great Smoky Mountains National Park Essay

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    hundreds of different types of animals, the Great Smoky Mountains is the place to be. The beauty of this park even inspired singer/songwriter Boudleaux Bryant to write a song about it called Rocky Top. “Rocky Top, you'll always be, home sweet home to me. Good ole Rocky Top, Rocky Top Tennessee”, those lyrics can now be heard all throughout Tennessee as is has become one of the official state songs. Good ole Rocky Top has been named the busiest national park averaging about 9 million visitors a year

  • Exploring the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

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    The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is located in between the borders of Tennessee and North Carolina. The park is actually apart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, of which are both parts of the Appalachian Mountain chain (U.S Geology). The park is the most visited national park in the United States, according to (Geology). The national park was an official part of the United States in 1940 by president Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The park was the first park to be paid for with federal funds, previous

  • Great Smoky Mountains National Park Research Paper

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    March 2015 Great Smoky Mountains National Park The Great Smoky Mountains National Park was established in 1934 and is located on the border of North Carolina and Tennessee. It is home to a large, diverse group of plants and animals and offers an array of activities that visitors can enjoy. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park in total encompasses 522,419 acres of land. Therefore, it is one of the largest protected areas in the United States. This national park has over 200

  • The Great Impact of the Great Smoky Mountains

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    Every year, over nine million hikers and adventure seekers travel to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park making it the most visited national park in the United States. There are abundant reasons for this, but many popular reasons include over 150 hiking trails extending over 850 miles, a large portion of the Appalachian Trail, sightseeing, fishing, horseback riding, and bicycling. The park houses roughly ten thousand species of plants and animals with an estimated 90,000 undocumented species

  • Ramsey Cascades

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    The Beauty of Ramsey Cascades Deep in the heart of the Smokey Mountains, Ramsey Cascades is located about 4 Miles away from Gatlinburg. It is known as one of the more tedious hikes in the Smokey’s because of its rapid change of elevation, “The trail to the waterfall gains over 2,000' in elevation over its 4 mile course and the 8-mile round-trip hike is considered strenuous in difficulty” (Ramsey Cascades 1). It is very popular with most hikers and can be done easily in one day. “This waterfall in

  • Great Smoky Mountains Family Vacation

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    with multiple destinations to choose from. I personally believe the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a perfect family vacation for families of all ages. The Smoky Mountains provide a sense of adventure, a welcoming, atmosphere, and interests for people of all ages. The Great Smoky Mountain National Park, located on the border of North Carolina and Tennessee, is America’s most visited national park (Great, par.1, 2017). THe park offers a range of things to do. Visitors can go for a hike, take

  • Pigeon Forge Essay

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    Pigeon Forge is a small town near the border of South Carolina. It sits along the edge of the Cherokee National Forest and on the west side of Little Pigeon River. It is not only located in a beautiful area, but also a thriving area economically speaking. Overall, Pigeon Forge is a family friendly place where people can not only live in a beautiful city, but also exciting environment. One great reason to live in Pigeon Forge would be the fact that it is a tourist town. Living in a tourist town means

  • Degradation of Appalachian Mountains

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    The 205-thousand-square-mile Appalachian Mountain range, which spans from Eastern Canada to northern Alabama, boasts North America’s oldest mountains (formed approximately 400 million years ago), the highest peak of the eastern United States (Mount Mitchell), industrial production opportunities and leisurely recreation. The range includes the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Great Smoky mountains (NCSU, n.d.). A range of recreational activities such as fishing in freshwater streams, camping, biking the

  • Hiking the Appalachian Trail

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    In A Walk in the Woods our author, Bill Bryson, hikes through the deadly wilderness along the terribly long Appalachian Trail with his humorously witty companion Katz. Throughout the journey it becomes embarrassingly obvious that they will not be able to hike the entirety of the trail. The idea that they will not completely finish it begs the question; have Bryson and his faithful companion Katz actually hiked the Appalachian Trail? Katz gave his own account of whether or not they have hiked the

  • Pigeon Forge Analysis

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    vast urban ranges to visit mountain springs, the waters of which were thought to have wellbeing restoring qualities. The business blast In the early twentieth century, Pigeon Forge was a segregated mountain villa with no significant ways. The closest railroad station was in Sevierville. Scaffolds were likewise extraordinary, the main real water intersections being a series of portages along the Little Pigeon. At the point when the Great Smoky Mountains National Park was opened in 1934, the Tennessee

  • The Great Smoky Mountains Research Paper

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    My Great Smoky Mountain Vacation The Great Smoky Mountains is a wonderful place to have a family vacation because of the beautiful log cabins, the downtown city life, and the historic hiking trail Alum Cave. The Great Smoky Mountains is located in Gatlinburg Tennessee. It’s named after its beautiful blue-like smoky mist that covers the mountains. It’s made up of over 500,000 acres of southern Appalachian wilderness. It’s the largest tourist park. The Great Smoky Mountains itself is absolutely breathtaking

  • Gateway to the Smokies

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    "Gateway to the Smoky Mountains." It is located approximately 120 miles southwest of the ETSU campus. Pigeon Forge is a highly recognized tourist town with many activities. Pigeon Forge, Tennessee contains many forms of entertainment, such as Dollywood, lodging, and restaurants for the average student tourists. The entertainment industry is the main reason why Pigeon Forge is such a well-known tourist town. Dollywood is usually the main attraction. Dollywood is an Appalachian theme park that draws

  • Extravagant Vacation

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    In the great country of the United States there are thousands of wonderful places to vacation. These places can range anywhere from the great state parks of the northwest to the hundreds of beaches among the coastline. There are two places that come to mind though when considering the best place to vacation. These two places are Panama City Beach and The Great Smoky Mountains. It is not just the common things such as a beach or huge mountains that make these two places stand out among others. It

  • National Park: The Importance Of National Parks In The State

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    National parks are home to hundreds of different species of plants and wildlife. Government officials and authorities go to great lengths to protect them from destruction by industry or natural calamities. These parks are important because of its rich heritage. These parks are full of natural wonders, plenty of wildlife, and amazing views to behold. Visiting these national parks is an unforgettable experience for both children and adults. Millions of visitors flocked to United State’s stunning

  • Vanishings Research Paper

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    a 14-year-old girl who embarked on a horse riding adventure with her father and a group of companions in the rugged terrain of Yosemite National Park. The date was July

  • Cades Cove Speech Ideas

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    thirty minutes into the ride I was already bored and ready to get out of the car. The size of the Great Smoky Mountain National park is 816 Square miles so that's pretty big for a park but there is a lot of things to do there. I really want to see a black bear or a fox while we are there but I don't know if that will happen since we are only staying for three days. A couple hours later we made it to the park. We started looking for a spot to set up are camp. We found a good spot right in the middle of

  • Sugarlands Visitor Center Analysis

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    Campground, Abrams Trail, and Abrams Falls As I arrived in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, I entered the main entrance to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park proceeding directly to the Sugarlands Visitor Center. First, I watched a twenty-minute documentary film about the history of the Smoky Mountains, including wildlife and nature that visitors might encounter, plus activities offered in the park. While browsing the interactive museum I discovered stunning, authentic wildlife exhibits with native plants.

  • National Parks Under threat

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    National Parks: Underthreat Our nations incredible 401 National Parks are some of the most iconic places on the face of the earth. From the Grand Canyon to the Great Smoky Mountains our nation's national parks are something we should be proud to have. Lately our National Parks have been under threat from both Environmental and Political issues both putting our National Parks at risk. We need preserve the National Parks for generations to come. The National Parks show the most amazing parts of this

  • Appalachian Trail Essay

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    New York (“Appalachian”). It is hard to imagine the expansion of the Appalachian Trail was no more than an idea. To get an idea of what the Appalachian Trail looks like it is important to understand its description. The trail spans from Springer Mountain in Georgia to Mount Katahdin in Northern Maine

  • Descriptive Essay On National Parks

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    different national parks over the past three years has shaped my perspective of the world and the power of Mother Nature. My grandparents have always had a love for nature, and they wanted my sister and I to experience Mother Nature's work on Earth. They came up with the idea to go on vacation every summer with us to visit the different national parks. Because of them, we have had truly amazing adventures! The first national park that we visited was the Great Smoky Mountains. Seeing the mountains for