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Time in Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg, Tennessee is a prime tourist destination that is filled with action packed adventures. Day or night there is never a dull and moment. You can visit the quaint little shops in the light of day or patrol the dark and somewhat wild street of the night. However, you plan to spend your time in Gatlinburg, you are guaranteed to have an awesome time.

When you get to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, you will need a place to stay for the duration of your visit. The Howard Johnson Inn will accommodate your needs says The weekend price is seventy dollars for a room with two double beds and a spectacular view. This is a great place to stay. For dog lovers, consider leaving Rover at home because the Howard …show more content…

The Peddler might be able to satisfy your wants and desires. The Peddler carries everything for fresh fish, to mouthwatering chicken and even marinated steaks. The Peddler is a classy restaurant so dress accordingly. Expect the cost for the meal to be a bit on the "pricey" side. The Peddler is located on the corner where River Road intersects with Ski Mountain Road.

If unwilling to empty your wallet on one nights feast, take a stroll over to Pancake Pantry where excellent breakfast is served for a moderate price. The Pancake Pantry is located on the corner where Cherokee Orchard road meets Parkway. According to, the Pancake Pantry has twenty-four different types of pancakes, an array of waffles, and they serve soup and sandwiches for lunch. The Pancakes Pantry serves lunch after eleven thirty and breakfast all day for those of you who eat bacon and eggs for …show more content…

The Nantahala, Big Pigeon, and Ocoee are classified as class two to four sized white-water rivers, so for those who don’t get out on the river much you might want to hold on. You will have the time of your life getting soaked and blazing down these rivers says The price per kayak is thirty dollars and five dollars for each person after that. The rivers are located off of Interstate Forty on exit four hundred forty seven, about an hour and a half from Gatlinburg. It is also a good idea to make reservations and dress

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