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Imagine waking up to beautiful freshwater streams and wildlife foraging through the mountainside. This is what citizens of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee get to wake up to ever day. Pigeon Forge is a small town near the border of South Carolina. It sits along the edge of the Cherokee National Forest and on the west side of Little Pigeon River. It is not only located in a beautiful area, but also a thriving area economically speaking. Overall, Pigeon Forge is a family friendly place where people can not only live in a beautiful city, but also exciting environment.
One great reason to live in Pigeon Forge would be the fact that it is a tourist town. Living in a tourist town means there are plenty of things to do for fun. Both Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg …show more content…

There are many amazing restaurants around the area with some of the best country food you can find. Pigeon Forge is also known for its vast amount of Ripley's Believe it or Not museums. There is also a place in Pigeon Forge which is one of my favorite places called the AppleBarn, where you can buy many fresh apple products. Pigeon Forge is also known for its vast amount of Ripley's Believe it or Not museums. If you're an outdoor enthusiast you'll love The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, hiking and horseback riding.(Pigeon Forge, TN) Although there are many things to do in the mountains around Pigeon Forge, most of the action happens on the main strip where most of the high class restaurants are as well as most of the tourist attractions. Since the town is a tourist town, this also means that there is always new and exciting business opportunities. In a small town it is very hard to start a new business because in most small towns everyone knows each other and won't spend money on a businesses which is not a locally historic businesses. In a larger town with a constantly changing crowd, anyone has the opportunity to grow as a new …show more content…

In Pigeon Forge you have nice hot summers and cold snowy winters. It also rains allot, which is nice since I enjoy rainy weather. During the winters, the mountains surrounding Pigeon Forge are capped with snow and in the spring the snow melts and creates beautiful streams which run down the mountain into rivers. These are some of the most beautiful attractions in Pigeon Forge and one of my favorite things to go see when we vacation there. "Every season in Pigeon Forge is a beautiful work of art that only a perfect God could create." (King 58) One of the most famous places to go in Gatlinburg, which is right next to Pigeon Forge, is Dollywood. "The Famous Dollywood is home to many fun rides as well as musical entertainment!" (Starnes) Dollywood is a fun place made famous by Dolly Pardon, a local singer that loved the area so much that she opened an amusement

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