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If you are looking for a place to go that your entire family will enjoy, try the Great Wolf Lodge. It is a family resort in Grapevine, Texas that offers year round entertainment. The resort is conveniently located close to the Cowboys Golf Course, Grapevine Mills Mall, Grapevine Lake, and several other local attractions ("Welcome to Great Wolf Lodge"). Location aside, guests will appreciate the added convenience of having everything under one roof. That is right, once guests check-in they want have to go outside until it is time to leave (unless they want to). The Great Wolf Lodge is an exceptional resort that has made it a point to provide the best entertainment and lodging experience possible for families. Whether you are planning a getaway for the day, or an unforgettable vacation, be ready to enjoy an impressive indoor water park, a variety of dining options, and quality hotel accommodations.
Resorts are expected to have hotel rooms that make their guest feel like they are at home. The Great Wolf Lodge goes “above and beyond” expectations in this area. The on-site hotel has 605 guest rooms. Each room comes with free WiFi, a private bathroom, mini refrigerator, a flat-screen television, a semi-private living area and a full size sleeper sofa ("Great Wolf Lodge"). Every room at this resort is a suite. A standard suite, with two queen size beds will sleep up to six people. This is because of the sleeper sofa that is included in every room. Not bad for a standard suite. If a standard suite is not big enough for you; no problem. The resort has four different kinds of “Theme Suites” that will sleep up to seven people. These suites include a queen or king sized bed with a “themed” area. For example, the “Kids Cabin” suite has an ...

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...rger without ever having to leave the area. There is also a Bear Sweet and Eats snack shop; feel free to buy all the cookies and ice cream you want. There have been guests who complain that the food is overpriced and I will admit that paying $19.99 for a breakfast buffet is a little steep. However, I must also point out that no one is obligated to buy food at the resort. Guests are free to bring in their own food and drinks with no hassle from the staff. That is an added perk that cannot be overlooked.
Great Wolf Lodge is an excellent choice for individuals or families, who are looking for quality service and a memorable experience. The resort has a friendly environment and excellent customer service. I cannot say it enough, how convenient it is to have entertainment, dining, and hotel accommodations under one roof. Plan a visit today, you will not be disappointed.

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