Google and Its Workplace

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The culture of an organization defines its workplace environment and employee productivity. This means that employee freedom is crucial in the current generation of employees, since it help to boost team work, innovation and creativity. This can be explained by looking at Google work environment (Blanchard, Carlos, & Randolph 1996).
Employee freedom triggers creativity, innovation and teamwork.
Google is an American based multinational corporation. It specializes on internet based related services and products. These products include search engine, cloud computing, online advertising, social networking (Google +) and software. Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin students at Stanford University. They started Google as a research project, in 1996 when they were both PhD students (, 2008).
Google is leader in global technology, and it has concentrated in making sure it improves how information is organized, and retrieved. This is through creation of search engines, which help users to locate information with ease, and quickly. Google has incorporated innovation in search engines, and advertising. This has made Google to be one of the leaders in internet, maintaining its lead in online index. It has always been competing with Yahoo, Microsoft and Bing in search engines, and Facebook in online advertisements (, 2010).
Google revenue is generated through advertisements. These advertisements are cost effective, a well-targeted. Businesses utilize Google AdWords program, to get targeted advertisements. This allow user to plan their marketing niche, and plan. Google utilize Google AdSense to advertise on third party sites, making it one of the dominating online advertising companies (, 2008).

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...lar workouts, and promote healthy living. Googlers are also allowed nap time, within the complex, especially after lunch. These culture acts a way of empowering employees. To boost production, Google has emphasized team achievement. Achieving teams are recognized with gifts, holidays, tours and other interesting activities (, 2008).
Lastly, Google does not hold formal meetings; they hold lunchtime brainstorming conversations, which ensure individual contribution. During such meetings, everyone is treated equal, and there are no leaders (, 2010). This reduces power distances between the management and the employees. Employees have the freedom to take risks, which help to build their creativity and innovation. They utilize the Maslow’s hierarchy theory of needs. This makes sure employees feel a sense of team which reduces any form of competition.
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