Ethical Ethics Of Google

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Large businesses and corporations have a huge impact on today’s society. These large businesses provide jobs, products, and services to the public and have a great influence in our community. In fact, it can even be said that some companies such as Google have a greater influence in our society over government or even church. Many of these large companies have a social responsibility, whether one realizes it or not. These responsibilities include protecting the rights of its stakeholders and making ethical business decisions. These ethical decisions can be based on ethical norms such as rights and duties, justice, as well as utilitarianism (1). Unfortunately, not all businesses follow these ethical norms. However, in 2013 Forbes magazine…show more content…
Google is known for its many perks it grants to its employees. The company’s corporate office is located in Southern California and its employees refer to its corporate office as a “campus.” Its corporate headquarters is known for its beautiful office space. Googlers are provided with free food and drinks, shuttle transportation, and daycare. Google’s headquarters is known for its playful interior design, which is used to inspire its employees creativity and efficiency. Google believes that by treating its employees properly, it will motivate its employees to work more efficiently, therefore producing quality services and products. The company’s employees are one of the company’s greatest assets (5). Its employees are in fact, stakeholders of the company and Google looks out for their interest, as any business that practices ethics…show more content…
Google’s search engine is the company’s greatest asset. Its search engine brings in its users as well as its large sums of the company’s revenue. Its users are constantly searching and browsing the web, and while they do this, Google is given access to all their information. Google has many software services such as Google+. Once a user decides to utilize one of these services, they are allowing the company access to publish or modify these outlets into its search engine. In other words the user’s information or search results can be viewed by a third party (8). This practice violates the ethical norm of privacy and is concerned in the eyes of many an unethical business

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