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It is clear that Google has implemented a very strong teamwork environment in which teamwork is known as the “norm, especially for big projects.” As stated in the case, Google is so team oriented that when working on projects, “it 's not unusual for Google team members to give up their larger, more spacious offices and to crowd into a small conference room, where they can “get things done.”” Therefore, to continue to create a teamwork environment is essential for its growth and expansion strategy.

The Culture at Google
The culture at Google is clearly a major priority for the company. Something that Google works especially hard at is creating a work-life balance for its employees. Even though this is challenging because Google
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With experienced engineers starting at $130,000 per year, plus about 1200 shares of stock options, and new MBAs between $80,000 and $120,000 per year, with smaller option grants, Google employees can expect very nice compensation plans. By implementing very high and rewarding compensation plans, Google can attract highly skilled and overqualified employees and can expect great and dedicated work from all employees.

2. With the benefits that Google provides to its employees to maintain a balanced lifestyle, Google is an incredible company to work for although it demands long hours, dedication, and hard work from all employees. Nonetheless, even though Google is an excellent company, due to research and past examples, Google must focus on its hiring process more because many qualified employee’s leave because of their long and tough hiring process.

Therefore, a few recommendations for recruiting would be:
• Supervisors should work together with the HR Manager during the recruiting process to better pinpoint what they are looking for in candidates.
• Supervisors should provide the HR Manager with an accurate and detailed job
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Before they start recruiting, the company must decide what attributes and qualities they want in candidates and define as a hiring group what great looks like. After defining what specific attributes they are looking for, Google must then work to build an applicant pool that is filled with qualified candidates that would be a great fit for Google. With the incentive benefits that Google offers for referrals, Google can use selection tactics such as walk-ins, college campus visits, Internet recruiting such as LinkedIn and Google+, and referrals. By using these recruiting and selection tactics, hopefully Google will create an applicant pool that will sort out who the best candidates for them could be. After recruiting is complete, Google needs a structured selection process that can thoroughly determine great candidates by personal, phone and/or Skype Interviews. Additionally, formal pre-employment tests on personality, verbal, and/or numerical could be administered that include questions relating to performance, personality, and attributes Google is seeking for in

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