Google Case Study

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Google has developed over the many years. It was founded on the 4th of September 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. What started as BackRub search engine was then developed into (Google Inc.) which is a useful internet-related service that many people around the world have access to when connected to the internet. Google also provides a variety of different languages to its viewers and can be accessed nearly anywhere around the world.
What Google has to offer
Google Images and Search Appliance
After creating a search engine Google then released Google Toolbar which allows the user to search without having to go onto the company’s website. Google then launched Google Images which initially was planned only to offer two hundred and fifty million images which has extended over the years providing more then what was planned. Google’s first product released was to businesses, Google Search Appliance, which allows the business to search for documents within the businesses network.
Google Mission and Google Zeitgeist
“Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. With this mission set the company created Google Zeitgeist which at every end year sums up what millions of people search for, still continued every year. Google is able to a hold a competitive advantage over its competitors such as and msn because it provides to its users with services such as cloud computing, software and online commerce and much more.
Google Labs, Books, Maps and Blogs
The company then came up with Google Labs which was a startup gear for Google trends, scholars and much more. The company then launched Google news which offers more than fifty thousand news sources in...

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...e fun stuff they offer like their doodles. I can only begin to imagine what Google will offer in future, flying cars, transforming vehicles and maybe just maybe even talking dogs, but with the ideas they have now who knows what they have got planned for 2025.

If Google could try to stay away from law cases it could reduce expenses on having to pay for the cases as well as reduce the negative image it gives the company, professional as well as ethics. Another thing Google should look at is putting more effort into their other products and not just relying on the marketing side of the business product. With that being said I think the company should make the services they offer a little more professional as well as private (my previous example in the essay) and commit more to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) or CSI (Corporate Social Investment).
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