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The essay will be talking about Globalization, outsourcing and ethics, which are some of the vital structure of hospitality and tourism management. I will be involving research from various different web pages, textbooks and academic material in order to complete the essay. The hospitality industry today has had the effect of markedly increasing not only international trade, but also cultural exchange. We are able to find a numerous people from around the world working in hospitality in different sectors, which is part of the globalization effect. We can focus on advantages and disadvantages of globalization, which have been heavily scrutinized and debated in recent years. Due to the profitability and high levels of unemployment, management teams at hospitality and tourism have faced increased pressure by the higher levels to cut costs and become more efficient, which leads to the outsourcing in the industry not just with managing resources but also in staffing matters. It is no surprise to any industry that staffing expenses are typically the greatest burden carried by a hospitality and tourism industry. Even though the business is focused on saving time and money to encourage the business growth, the ethics in work should be followed. Proper planning and consideration of people working in the industry should be kept in mind.

The increase in the Global travel, market and environmental trends led to the Internationalization of the Hospitality Industry. Between the periods 1950-1995, International travel has grown by 21 times (WTO-1992) and this led to the considerable growth in Hotel Industry. The Globalization of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry...

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... of hospitality students toward ethics with respect to the workplace (Lee & Tsang, 2013). There is still a need to assess the effect of ethics education on students’ judgement, ethical behavior, and manner by which they proceed to make decisions. Tsee and Lang (2013) assert that the current offer of ethics courses covers business law and they emphasize the need to develop domain-specific offers that intend to develop awareness, attitudes and skills to meet the hospitality sector’s needs. Also, future research is encouraged to study and contrast perceptions and attitudes toward ethical issues among students with different industry work experience levels (full-time work experience, part-time work experience, and without work experience). This understanding will help in preparing students to ethically solve the dilemmas they will encounter in their future career.

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