The Effects of Globalization on the Tourism and Hospitality Industry

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According to Chris Cooper (2005) tourism industry can be defined as a whole range of individuals, businesses, organisation and places which combine in some way to deliver a travel experience. A hospitality industry can be regarded as an industry which provides food, beverages and accommodation services. The Tourism and Hospitality industry has flourished even it has struggled to cope with difficult challenges (Cetron, 2001) and ‘globalisation’ may be the cause of this which is having a significant influence on the industry. The influence of globalisation on Tourism and Hospitality industry however may not always be positive but can also be contradictory which can upset the industry and the people involved in it. This essay will further develop the concept of globalisation and look into the economic, social and political factors. In addition, the essay will also explore the Multinationals Corporation (MNCs) and put forward arguments that centrals the globalisation. Moreover, the history of tourism and its evolvement will also be considered.

The word ‘tourist’ first appeared in the English language in the early 1800s (Cooper & Fletcher, 2005) and in this very century the first hotel was opened in London. By the end of next century Thomas Cook had offered the first inclusive tour to the Paris Exhibition and by 1872 steam was harnessed to power ships when the first round the world tour was organised. A backward glance reveals that tourism started early and has since evolved significantly with the change in technology, the government in ...

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