Short Essay On Cultural Tourism

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Tourism is the travel between a person’s home and a destination and the travel period is not more than one consecutive year for business, leisure and other purposes. According to UNESCO, culture is defined as the set of customs, knowledge, values, arts, principles, rules, and any other traditions adopted by a person as a member of the society. Culture can be tangible or intangible. Examples of culture in tangible form are the architecture of the buildings, historic places, and museums. Examples of culture in intangible form are the beliefs, ethics and the everyday culture of the locals. Tourism can have an influence on the culture of a country or can be used to promote the local culture.
The heritage trail that I have chosen to work on is
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The type of cultural tourist who might be interested in the trail is a serendipitous cultural tourist. A serendipitous cultural tourist is someone who does not travel to a country for cultural reasons but can end up having a deep cultural experience after taking part in cultural activities. This type of tourists may take the opportunity of making a quick stop to the cultural places at a destination and learn more about these attractions when they get there.
Some of the reasons why tourists who visit Singapore can either be medical or business travel or for leisure where tourists go shopping, to taste the local cuisine, to experience the different cultures of Singapore and to understand how everyone is living together in harmony, to relax and unwind in luxury hotels and resorts and also for entertainment like visiting the theme park on Sentosa Island and the Formula One Grand Prix
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The hotel was purchased by Sino Land Company Limited, a Hong Kong company. This shows that financial deregulation has allowed foreign investment in tourism and the establishing of hotels in historic buildings of Singapore.

The bumboats that can be found travelling up and down the Singapore River are used for the purpose of carrying cargo to the docks along Singapore River. Now, there are fewer of these boats, the main purpose of the boats are river-taxis that transports a greater amount of tourists on a sightseeing cruise along the Singapore River. With the improvement in transport technology, there are new boats catering to tourists that ply the river and also boats that act as floating bars.

Tourists desire to seek the authentic and original experiences; they want to experience the local culture, be immersed in it and to have close contact with the locals. However, some parts of it may be manipulated and created just for
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