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Equal Pay Should Be The Only Way! The issue of equal pay between genders is still a problem in today’s society. Not to mention the argument of equal pay between genders of different ethnicities and minorities. A white man no matter his age, is unfairly paid more than a black or Mexican man. As well as a white woman can be paid more than both a black or Mexican man, and her ethnic female colleagues. Women of color are paid less than their male counterpart, not to mention the gaping wide wage gap between women of color and a white man. The many factors leading into why the wage gap exists or still exists is that men are stronger, and deserve bigger salaries. This is the main idea of sexism, and that women should earn less than men. When in some…show more content…
During this time, they started to hire women to do the jobs that the men had left when they became soldiers. In 1942, the National War Labor Board encouraged employers of these companies to equalize the pay of women’s comparable work to that of the men’s jobs that the women had taken over. Not only did the employers refuse this voluntary action, but as soon as the war ended women were forced out of their new jobs so that the returning soldiers would have a job to come back to after the war. Newspaper ads in those times were very gender-related regarding work ads, such as advertising for only male candidates. Or if they specifically wanted a male or female, the pay scale was advertised as different. “Separate, of course, meant unequal: between 1950 and 1960, women with full-time jobs earned on average between 59–64 cents for every dollar their male counterparts earned in the same job” (Brunner and Rowen, 3). Around this time the Equal Pay Act of 1963 was drafted, so “that it became illegal to pay women lower rates for the same job strictly on the basis of their sex. Demonstrable differences in seniority, merit, the quality or quantity of work, or other considerations might merit different pay, but gender could no longer be viewed as a drawback on one 's resumé” (Brunner and Rowen,…show more content…
But progress has stalled in recent years” (Hill, 3). The equal pay gap percentage varies from study to study, ranging from as high as 79% to as low as 21%. But no matter the percentage, the gap is still there. Education is not a factor in the reasoning behind the pay gap, however it is not the solution either. In the modern workplace, men and women are salaried at different wages, even if both the man and the woman have the same educational background. Often times, even if the woman has more of an educational background than the man, the man is recompensed more. Although the woman has a bachelors degree, and the man only has a high school diploma. In some cases as well, the higher the education, and the higher the job, the wage gap is even larger the majority of the time. Even still, if a Hispanic women and black women have the

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