Gadgets Case Study

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1. Introduction
Nowadays we're surrounded by gadgets that demand our interest, continuously fragmenting our ability to properly focus on the task at hand. However, living with technology doesn't mean we have to live with an addiction. Mostly this addiction is more to the youngster because they have been exposed to this kind of technology that might bring some injuries to the children and to ourselves too.
Take a moment and ask yourself, children nowadays are growing up using gadgets from a very young age so how can we help them prevent these kinds of injuries?

1.1 Possibility of the Injuries
First of all, these injuries are not limited to the hands and it’s seldom one isolated part of the body that’s affected. A person or youngster who suffers
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Free time was dedicated to family outings or excursions. However, all time has been engaged by all the gadgets, even during a meeting or a get together involving some known or unknown people which there is a propensity to ignore the crowd and getting drawn in in texting or calling people. This kind of situation is not just rude but is also a sign of deeper problem of person being more attached to machines that comes with the technology.

Attain of mobile phones to about a billion plus population has give result lesser on human interaction. Therefore, the need of the hour is to place some rules with respect to personal gadgets both for institutions such as schools, colleges, higher education level etc as well as at homes. Here gadgets were supposed to make life easier for human beings do all things faster and quicker, however all the numbers of side effects are not just too many but are also a cause of be bothered that humans are attractive and more close to machines and technology and less sensitive to their fellow
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