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The first framework, the natural support system framework looks at Latino’s specifically. It shows what is important to Latino’s and who they rely on. According to the framework, Latino’s rely a lot on relationships such as family and friends as a support system. They also see their religion and their own cultural practices as a support system and also events that are cultural based. Through this framework, we can start to see how a Latino person relates to others and who they rely on for support. As people and relationships are vital to them, coming to America and losing all that has got to be hard, therefore for Latino’s, it is vital once they get to America and settle in, that they recreate and find new relationships and people to use as …show more content…

What is their history here in Patchogue New York, are they welcomed or hated? They are hated, therefore their environment here is going to be tense and full of fear, which will then affect the way the see their culture, maybe they will begin to hate that they are Latino and not American, maybe they will try to hide their culture as it is not welcome, this in effect will leave their family dynamics to be completely different than if they were in their home country. The Latino’s might try to Americanize their children more, and the families having to live in fear will raise their families differently than if they were comfortable. The culture of the Latino population may even fade and disappear as the next generation is becoming more Americanized until the only difference between them and the American’s would be their color, they might even lose their language and all of this in response would end at the individual and how all of these factors would affect them alone or the population group alone. If it is a Latino man, how would this affect differently than if it was a Latino …show more content…

It also helps the Latino’s to feel welcome and gives them a chance to teach other people about their culture and lets them know that the community cares about them and wants to integrate them into it instead of separate themselves from them. It would let the Latino’s know that we care and are willing to help them, that their need has not gone unnoticed and that we respect their culture and ways of life but that we also are not afraid of stepping into their culture to get them the help that they need. This type of event will help alleviate any fears that they may have and also give them a sense of pride in who they are and where they come from. This type of event will teach the students not to fear or discriminate these people but instead to welcome and embrace them, that they are not aliens or illegal but instead help them begin to look past what the world says and instead encourage others to see them as real humans with their own culture and allow them to be more readily accepted. It will also help alleviate any fears or misconceptions that the world has of Latino’s within the students so that they don’t associate Latino’s with negative but instead positive

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