Cultural Identity And Identity

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The topic of belonging and identity has become very topical especially with recent increases in migration and debates on cultural identity (Guibernau,2013 ; Adams,2009; Ahmed,1999). It has been noted by writers like Erikson (1968) that through different stages of an individual’s life they experience the forming and the reformation of their identities which become more complex as an individual develops from childhood to adulthood. However, the process of identity formation is generally complex and difficult when it comes to second generation West African immigrants in the United Kingdom. Thus, this process can often be especially difficult, resulting in struggles to identify a clear sense of belonging and identity.
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There has been arguments outlined by the likes of Heath and Roberts (2008) on the loss of identity amongst children of West African immigrants; but one could question how can an individual lose an identity that they never knew or do not recognise? Fanon argued that migrants and those living under colonisation try to fit into the norms of the hegemonic group by putting on their “white masks” failing to fit in. If they fail at putting on their white mask and yet cannot recognise and relate to the identity that they were deemed to have lost how do children of West African immigrants see their sense of belonging if they cannot successfully wear either of these identities?
This dissertation will endeavour to explore the multiple identities of second generation West African immigrants. It argues a case for the redefinition of the concept “mask” into an identity that can be described more as “carved” a word which will metaphorically be used in reference to the common act of chipping and cutting out of solid material to form an object rather similar to the process that occurs when second generational African immigrants attempt to create for themselves an identity that better suits the diverse cultural influences that they experience on a daily

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