Argumentative Essay On Latino Immigration

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Latino Immigration People believed that immigration has affected Hispanics know on days because they are deporting lots if Hispanic that come to the United States to get the American dream . Because they left their home country to have a better life opportunity and to give their families a better life.Most of the people that come to the united states, they come from ‘Mexico and Central america’ Because their country have a bad economy and don 't have no jobs for the people that live there. Some of the people that are trying to come to the United States, its because of the "drug war" they are lost of innocent people and children dying for no reason .The government don 't do nothing to stop all that killing and kidnapping on their country.They are lots of corruption on the government of "Mexico and South America ' that the cartels are involved in the government. The people don 't feel safe no more in their own country . The ones that are more in danger are the women 's and children that are trying to cross the border .Because the women most of the time theyy get keidnappingnd get repaid by the coyotes the people that help them to cross the border or they get killed and the families don 't never get to know nothing about them .The childrenthat are trying to get the American dream they are in lots of danger when …show more content…

That is why the people believe that having Hispanics in the united states and they are sending all the Hispanics that don 't have legal papers to be in the U.S. they are reporting back to their country .But research has shown that the Hispanics community that come to the united states they are helping the economy to grow more .Some of the people believed that the president of the united states should help out the immigrants by giving

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the majority of hispanics who come to the united states come from mexico and central america because their country has a bad economy and no jobs.
  • Explains that the economy of "central america" and "mexico" is making the people migrated to the united states. because the average that they get paid its too low they work six days a week and for six of the morning to five of afternoons.
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